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Back and Biceps by Seth Smith

Posted by Shawn Sprafka on

Seth Smith's Back and Biceps routine. Seth is the newest member of the NutriFit Team and will be creating free workout videos and content. Video is included with his supplement stack!

Warm up - 10 Mins Cardio
-40ish pull ups
-Standing dumbbell curls 3x10
  • Barbell deadlifts 15, 10, then 3 sets 6
  • Cable rope pull overs 3x10
  • Standing cable curls 3x10
  • T bar rows 3x10
  • Sitting hammer curls 3x10
  • Wide hammer lat pull downs 3x10
  • Laying incline barbell curls 3x10
  • Underhand row machine 3x10
  • Sitting cable curls 3x10
  • Reverse pull downs 3x10
  • Dumbbell concentration curls 3x10

Supplement Stack:

Preworkout - MTS Nutrition Clash & MTS Vasky

Amino Acids - Scivation Xtend   

Whey Protein - MTS Nutrition Machine Whey

Fat Burners - Myoblox Rubix

Creatine - GAT Creatine 


Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoy the routine!! Feel free to contact me or Seth with any questions you may have!

Connect with us on social media!

Instagram: nutrifitcle seth.o.smith Twitter: nutrifitcle Facebook: NutriFit


Thanks for reading!

-NutriFit Team


NutriFit is a locally and privately owned nutritional supplement retail company specializing in high-quality products, competitive pricing, nutritional information and excellent customer service.

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