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Leg Day Circuit

Posted by Shawn Sprafka on

I used to do circuit workouts all the time, it was how I got to my lowest body fat percentage a while back.

I always start with cardio to warm up to help prevent injuries. I also have been using Merica Labz - Red, White & Boom pre workout for better performance. Click HERE to check out all of the pre-workouts available. But, if you want that crazy pump, make sure you get a nitric oxide boosting product or stick with Merica Labz Stars N Pipes.

Check out the post workout products that will contain carbohydrates, creatine, BCAAs, glutamine and more essential ingredients to fuel your recovery and growth.


Warm Up - 10 Minutes of Cardio (Any form)

**Complete the circuit one time through & repeat 10 times 

Tri Set Circuit - 10 Total Sets

Any Squat Machine - 10 Sets of 10 (Try to add weight each set)

Deadlift - 10 Sets of 2-3 reps (I did 405)

Sled Push - 10 Sets of 30 seconds

**If you don't have access to a sled, any high intensity cardio will work

Tri Set Circuit - 10 Total Sets

Leg Extensions - 10 Sets of 10

Leg Curls - 10 Sets of 10

Jump Squats - 10 Sets of 30 seconds

Burn Out - Optional

Walking Lunges - 10 Sets of 10  


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Shoot me a text at 440-417-3416.

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Thanks for reading.



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