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Phat Lab Acquired by Owner of NutriFit, And Two Other Partners

Posted by Shawn Sprafka on

Phat Lab is a supplement company that has been in the works for several months now and is from the same team that brought you Black Magic Supply. While Phat Lab has still yet to hit the market, here is the latest info on what's happening.

NutriFit owner has agreed to acquire the brand and all rights to the images and marks and partnered with two others. The plan is to launch this as a stand alone brand apart from NutriFit with a business model unlike any others currently on the market. The model includes keeping the line fresh with new product releases (with a twist) and keeping consumers engaged with the overall "story" behind the brand and brand name.

Phat Lab Pre-Workout will be the first product launch loaded with nootropics and hard hitting stimulants. The formula is currently being tested both in-store and customers can request a sample upon ordering from NutriFit's online site. More tweaks are coming to the formula to ensure the best possible finished product.

The current formula has a total of 16g per scoop featuring two very good flavors: 3-Pop (Bomb Pop) and Candy Drizzle. 

More info to come in the near future. 

To stay up to date: Check out Phat Lab on IG : @thephatlab


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