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What happened to Sarms?

Posted by Shawn Sprafka on

Most of you know, I own NutriFit. A supplement store in northeast Ohio. I have carried Sarms for about a year now and they are loved by customers all over the country. They will not be listed on the site any longer.


This is because they are a very "high risk" product for credit card processor companies to accept. Sarms while not illegal, (for research use only) they are also technically not legal to be used as a supplement. Hence why you see "Used for research purposes only". The FDA has not outlawed them, nor gone after anyone selling them. But the credit card processor companies, (Which processes your money, and sends it to the seller) are cutting off anyone selling them.

What to do?

I will carry them for as long as they are legal. I am not trying to break any laws, and if for any reason they become banned...well then it was a good run with them.

I can accept orders over the phone, by text, email, social media DM etc. I just have to process the transaction internally so that the credit card processor isn't at risk from me completing the sale. I hope this info helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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Please call or text: 440-417-3416 or email:

Or DM me on instagram @nutrifitcle or @sarmpharm


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