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Blackstone Labs Metha-Quad Extreme

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Introducing the most potent andro ever released on the open market. MethaQuad Extreme is the dream stack that has become a reality. Rapid increases in size and strength. Dry gains that leave no unwanted water retention. Density to the muscle resulting in a mature look to the physique. And pumps that are typical for the off season, but with vascularity that will be mistaken for a contest prep bodybuilder. Metha-Quad Extreme is the product you have been waiting for from Blackstone Labs, you just didn’t know it was possible. Now it is and it’s all packed into 1 Liposomal Tablet.

Alone, the four compounds in Metha-Quad Extreme are enough to produce great gains for the inexperienced and even advanced user. Stacking two or even three of these ingredients together will take your physique to a level that you haven’t seen yet, but when the four are combined a powerful phenomenon happens. The synergistic capabilities are unmatched putting your body into hyper drive giving your body no other option but to grow, get stronger, and leave everyone in the dust.

Metha Quad Extreme is the latest formulation of Blackstone Labs most potent muscle builders. Metha Quad is a potent blend of 4 compounds that can send strength gains, muscle gains, and size through the roof! Metha Quad does require post cycle therapy and should not be used longer than 2 months without a break.

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    • so taking metha -quad extreme and abnormal doesn't need gear support during cycle? or eradicate also ?

      Arimistane is already in Metha, so I Don't think extra is needed. Gear support is optional, but I would personally use it to help regulate normal blood pressure, prostate, liver health etc.

    • Need to change supplements but want high quality and gains but been out of gym for a month due to breaking my ribs and want to start like I haven't left

      Methaquad by itself is usually more a lean gainer, depending on diet and training. But stack with brutal 4ce to add more size

    • What would you recommend stacking/or taking along Metha-Quad?

      It depends on goals really. Most people will stack chosen1 or brutal 4ce. Chosen1 providing leaner gains, while brutal should add more size. I would make sure to have your essential products in place though. Protein, bcaas, creatine etc.

    • Would I need some liver supps to take with it? Is it hard on the liver?

      I wouldn't say it's a requirement, although it will give added protection. These are non-liver toxic products.

    • Do you need a pct for this?

      Yes, methaquad can/will be suppressive to your natural testosterone. I would have some sort of pct (pctv) along with a product with d-aspartic acid.

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