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NutriFit Cleveland - Blackstone Labs Dust V2 Ready To Mix Caps

Blackstone Labs Dust V2 Ready To Mix Caps

  • $ 2.00

Transporting pre workout powders can be something of an annoyance. Whether its due to travel, long commutes to work, or other unforeseen factors that can lengthen the time between  home and the gym, convenience is pre workouts is key. Don't lug around bulky jars of powder that become prone to clumping or spoilage when exposed to heat, humidity, and other elements. Instead, just pack a single cap of a Dust v2 Ready-to-Mix. Throw it in your gym bag, backpack, cupholder, glove box; wherever! When it's go time, simply screw it onto any water bottle and press the top down. Boom! Congratulations on your newfound bounty of unbridled energy. This highly-concentrated dose of Dust V2 blends right into your drink of choice just by shaking it.

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