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NutriFit Cleveland - Purus Labs Theatrim

Purus Labs Theatrim

  • $ 32.99

Purus Labs is the world’s first company to introduce TeaCrine®, a nature-identical compound proven to enhance psychometric indices of energy, focus and endurance. We’ve combined it with a research-drenched supporting cast of other materials designed to increase energy, overall sense of well-being, thermogenesis, and stored fat utilization through strategic neurochemical pathway manipulation. Best of all, consumers are less likely to develop a tolerance as with other energy and weight loss products. This product will:

  • Increase energy & endurance
  • Increase thermogenic rate for increased fat burning ability
  • Increase body composition 


Begin by taking one serving with your first meal of the day. If tolerance permits, take an additional serving 4-6 hours after your previous use.


Do not take more than four servings in one day.  Intended for adults over the age of 21.

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